In accordance with Blue Bird Group’s commitment to further serve our customers, Blue Bird Group aimed to grow even more. In a joint venture between Blue Bird Group and UMW Holdings Berhad’s Manufacturing and Engineering Division, Pusaka Bersatu was born.

As a subsidiary of Blue Bird Group that operates in automotive services, Pusaka Bersatu’s main business is lubricant distribution and fast service station for general public’s automotive needs.

Pusaka Bersatu’s services range from maintenance and replacement, such as: engine oil replacement, transmission oil, axle oil, tire replacement and balancing, tune up, suspension system, braking system, and battery replacement and maintenance.

Supported with:

  • Digital Tire Alignment Tool
  • Intelligent Test/Scanner Tool
  • 4 Gas Analyzer Tool
  • Supporting Technology System (Vehicle History report)
  • Blue Bird Group’s standardized system
  • Trained Blue Bird Staffs
  • Peeble Garage, the reliable auto-service