Kartini Bluebird

Social entrepreneurship program under Bluebird Peduli and intended to every woman in Indonesia, especially for housewives.

Kartini Bluebird participants will get end-to-end workshop and training to sustain this program continuity. The training consists of :


Bluebird builds Rumah Produksi Kartini Bluebird (Kartini Bluebird Workshop) which contains many learning facilities and production for the home industry in the field of convection and food.


Bluebird organizes training class such as sewing, knitting, bedding, cooking, and baking with experienced housewives as the trainer. Kartini Bluebird will also get to learn how to market their product and develop their business. Our experienced Bluebird employee will be the trainer for the marketing and business program.


To help Kartini Bluebird producing and marketing their product, Bluebird gives a soft loan program which funded from Bluebird itself or in partnership with the trusted third party. The return is not in the form of fund/money but in a form of the product.

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