• All-In-One Service

    Better integration with Goldenbird in MyBlueBird Service list. All your transport needs in one platform.

  • Chat to driver

    Be connected. More convenient.

  • Customizable Favourite Places

    Personalise as you like. Up to 20 saved places.

  • Reorder

    Fast and easy reorder. Less hassle.

  • Predictable Pick Up Time

    More accurate pick up time. Relax. Sit back. Enjoy.

  • Fixed Price

    Guaranteed price. Worry free.

  • Multi-Payment

    More payment options. Easy to pay. Cash or cashless.

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From taxi, containers and heavy equipments, to logistics, Blue Bird Group is a holding group that is ready to cater to all your needs. To many citizens of Jakarta and many other big cities in Indonesia, Blue Bird Group isn’t just a taxi company, but a part of their lifestyle. By serving millions of passengers every month, Blue Bird Group has extended its services, from taxis to limousines and car rentals, bus charters, logistics, industry, property, IT and supporting services and heavy equipments. We are committed to always keeping our service quality in every business that we do. Now Blue Bird Group’s services can be enjoyed not only in Jakarta but also in other cities in Indonesia, as well as hearts of business and tourism spots across the nation.


Bluebird gives vast choice of promotion for our beloved customer satisfaction. We want our customer to experience their best trip with us, so enjoy the utmost benefit from riding with us.